Monday, October 8, 2012

Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon

6 days to go and the battle is on! Already got my race kit for Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon which will be held at SM Mall of Asia Grounds on October 14. Thanks to Philippine Airforce (Joar) for the free race kit!

I'll be doing a 10k run with obstacles with my Spartan friends Jun and JR!

I really don't have any idea about the obstacles 'til I saw these online, yay! If you'll be joining, take a look at these obstacles and start doing core training now (which exactly what I plan to do for tomorrow's ANR session)

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2012 Obstacles: Images courtesy of


There you go! Good luck to all of us! See you all on Sunday! :D

Saturday, October 6, 2012

TBR Dream Team Run : Team Ayala Tatsulok

T-Sheryl, B-Karlene, R-Tine Anne : Team AYALA TATSULOK
Half the distance, thrice the fun! Finally, I was able to register for the TBR Dream Team Run! Yehey! Gosh, it was epic. I had to look for teammates second to the last day of registration and go to BGC to check if there's an available slot. Thank God, I made it!

With Sheryl and Tine Anne of Ayala Triads, we call ourselves the TEAM AYALA TATSULOK! (coined after Team Ayala Triads) Thanks to Belle for the Tagalog version suggestion  :)

I'm really excited for this one. Though I haven't tried running in TBR nor registered for 2013's FM, being part of this run is big enough. This run is also memorable because this will be my first PAID run. Yeah, thanks to my generous sponsors for the couple of free runs I had and will have. Hehehe :)

This will be a new route for me too since it'll be held at Nuvali. Been running here in the Metro but haven't really had the chance to run out of town. 

I'm sure it'll be fun, though we're aiming to beat our PRs or at least be competitive enough to be within the 2:30 time, I think what's more important is the fun and learning will have during the race. 

I am excited. 

Goodluck to everyone who'll be running! See you in Nuvali! :)