Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ferrol, Spain

Ferrol is a city in the Province of A Coruña in Galicia. Located on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain, it has urban population of 77,859 and metropolitan area of over 241,528 (2007)

The city has been a major naval shipbuilding centre for most of its history, being the capital of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department of the North since the time of the early Bourbons. Before that, in the 17th century, Ferrol was the most important arsenal in Europe. Today, the city is also known as the home of the shipbuilding yards of Navantia[1].

The city was the birthplace of the Spanish General Francisco Franco in 1892, and was officially known as El Ferrol del Caudillo from 1938 to 1982. It was also the birth place of the founder of the Spanish socialist party PSOE, Pablo Iglesias, in 1850.

-Source Wikipedia

**Today, i received an email from Ryan, he's at Ferrol Spain now. From Germany, he was supposed to go to Panama and then to Chile. Unfortunately, a typhoon developing ahead was seen so they need to stop in Spain for 2 days and find a shelter alongside. He finally have signal as well,so that means he can receive all the messages i sent to him. hihi...He rarely experience phone signal and net connection but communication wasn't that weak after all. He always get in touch every time he has a way... so crazy as it seems but i plotted in my calendar all the days that he sent emails, sms and made a call... i so miss him... sigh.

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