Wednesday, July 27, 2011



I never thought that this day will give me so much realization about things/words I've been wanting to hear. I only planned for a movie night with a friend - that's all. But the Lord is moving in so many ways I cannot even see or imagine and indeed I can attest that He is STILL in control.

Tonight, I invited my friend Aris to watch Captain America at SM Megamall. I didn't expect that this night will be a night of truth, and by saying truth it is always true to its meaning... and yeah the TRUTH HURTS.

I thank the Lord for his life. For helping me realize so much stuffs that's been hindering me to move forward. I am rebuked, I am convicted, I AM GUILTY. What else can I say?

I realized I cannot do this alone... happiness doesn't depend on people nor material things (it will never be). True happiness is having God in my life. Having Him as my sole source of strength and keeping Him alive.

I have failed, I have sinned, I have neglected Him in so many ways... But why is He still here holding me tightly? The reason is He loves me so much. He is a loving God, His love is unfading. I might have changed but He will never change. That's how good He is.

And what is the next step? I need to fully let go of all the things that's hindering me to grow in His love (whether it is a person or things, i need to let go... FULLY LET GO, no holding back.

I pray for a life that is pleasing to God. I pray for a life that will glorify God. And I pray that you will join me in my prayers.

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Joshua Sterrett said...

I wish you the best of luck in this new awakening and hope it brings you lots of fulfillment and happiness.