Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Federation Team - World Champs!

The story can now be told...

After 5 days of grueling competition at the 10th International Dragon Boat

Federation World Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida; the Cobra Philippine

Dragon Boat Federation Team won 5 gold and 2 silver medals, bringing honor

to flag and country.

In spite of the challenges, the Cobra PDBF team defeated other powerhouse

countries in the following divisions of the small boat category (10


Men's 1000 meters (gold)

Mixed 200 meters (gold)

Men's 200 meters (gold)

Mixed 500 meters (gold)

Men's 500 meters (gold)

With the 5 gold medals, the Cobra PDBF team now has 8 gold medals under its

name; 2 of which were bagged last 2007 for the Men's 200-meter and Mixed

200-meter divisions held in Australia and 1 last 2009 for the Men's

200-meter held in Czech Republic.

Cobra Energy Drink fully supports the PDBF and the advancement of Dragon

Boat as a sport because of their shared values in the embodiment of true

strength through perseverance, determination and the will to succeed.

Yan ang pusong Cobra, pusong Pilipino.

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