Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hey! I'm still running ;)

             I'm back after hibernating for almost 2 months (well only here) and I'm still running! Now, running better - better PR, pace, endurance, everything! Thanks to all the people who have helped me reach this stage. I can't say yet that I've gone through a lot but rather would say I'm still in the process of becoming better and better each day & I'm loving it.

     So after my first 5k run, I did a 6k run at Brooks Run (happily :D) at 38 mins. Wasn't able to sleep much before the race (what else is new?) because of my boxing event prior to that but was able to manage it, gracefully! Yey! Experienced side stitch (again and again) after 1k and cramps (after 3k) but I didn't stop. Thank God, I survived! 

(6k) Brooks Run Happy - June 02
     After my 6k run, I did my first ever 10k run at Run United 2 (RU2) with a time of 1:10 mins. Felt so nervous before the race thinking if I can actually finish it. Thanks to Moy (Guillermo Lim) for being my pacer. We started at easy pace, reserved all our energy and we made it! The MOA route was good, the rain that morning was a bit uneasy but still fine. 

(10k) Run United 2 - June 17

     And yeah, just recently I joined my first ever aNR run. I was really surprise when I found out I was part of the group who will be competing for 5k individual female category. Though, it's already given and an obvious fact that it's hard to compete with others (especially to UP HBK) whose members are mostly part of varsity team. Our TL told us to just have fun and enjoy. I made this an opportunity to improve my 5k time and reach my target PR. Thank God, I made it at 28.XX mins. Yey! :) Made 5 stops (walk) because of side stitch (never ending fight with side stitch) but still had a good time. Thanks to my pacer CJ and to the rest of TRIADS for all the support and cheer! XOXO

(5k) ANR Run - June 30

     I don't consider myself yet a runner. I know I have a lot to experience and learn... but I know I'm on my way... and I'm getting there :)


joshapalooza said...

Checking in from Viroqua, Wisconsin while at my Dad's place. Great work on your runs! You really have improved! Hope you can beat that side stitch and figure out what's causing it. Those things are painful! Sometimes I get them sometimes I don't. I almost always get them while riding horses..weird huh?

Keep on Running!
Hope to run with you one of these days :)

Tmac said...

looking forward to see you doing half marathon and a full marathon run in the future.. Or maybe try an ultra marathon run. i'm very willing to pace you again anytime. keep running karlene! ^_^

Karlene Sebastian said...

Thanks Josh for the comment. Just saw this one. Weird that I'm not getting notifications for the comments. Hehe. anyway, hope you're doing great. Try running too :)

Karlene Sebastian said...

Thank you CJ! Thanks for being my pacer, sub 30 it is. Would love to try running in Ultra Marathon too, maybe once in the future :)