Friday, July 13, 2012

MBC Run Prep :)

      Two days left and I'll be doing my first 15k! Yey! Thanks to MBC for the free race kits! In preparation for this run, I did PLYOMETRICS + RUN last Tuesday's aNR's session. I was about to run yesterday but forgot to bring my stuff. Yikes. Anyway, I'll be doing some serious carbo loading starting today and figure out the best thing to do to avoid cramps and side stitch.

     A bit familiar with the race route and hoping I'll finish the run strong and happy. Still nervous about it, (yikes) but need to accept the challenge of running a greater distance. 

     As to what will be the result... let's see on Sunday!

    Meanwhile, goodluck and have a safe race to all the people who will be running! :)  

***by the way, I have to say I love my bib number :) 1,000! yey! :)

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