Sunday, September 16, 2012

Journey to my first Half Mary :)

After almost 4 months of running, I finally did my first half marathon. Yehey! To be honest I was quite scared, excited and anxious before the event. How will I do that? 21k, hello??? Will I ever finish that? What if not? So many questions.... 

It became worst when I saw the route! Looking at it made me really ponder if I'm really sure of what I'll be doing. From BGC to MOA, that's pretty far huh.  
I was a bit early at the starting line, first time, no wonder. It was raining even before the gunstart, we were literally WET. The rain made my shoes a bit heavy but I like it that way, I think I can jive with the rain better than too much sunlight. It can be an instant hydration too, haha :p

I started in my normal slow pace to save more energy that will last 'til the end of the race. Good thing, it worked. I didn't do galloway but kept the pace as is and only stopped at hydration stations. Thanks also to a barefoot runner who became my pacer (gosh, can't imagine myself running barefoot for 21k, I salute you man!)

And done! I was able to finish the race in 2hours 41 minutes, not bad for a first timer they say. 

I also like the idea that I haven't encountered any cramps along the way. Yeah, thank God for the strong finish!

Here's my race result and analysis. Top 50 in my category! Next target, a time of 2:30 for 21k. :)

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