Sunday, September 30, 2012

KOTR Experience: My first 16.8k

My third medal is in! What a nice medal from Adidas King of the Road Run! Glad I finished my first 16.8k strong and injury free!

This is also my first KOTR experience. Thanks again to Adidas Philippines and to ANR Ayala Triangle (TRIADS) for the free KOTR race kit! Indeed, my diligence to attend the ANR sessions paid well. 

Route is pretty much familiar, from BGC to Buendia and back (via Kalayaan flyover). I didn't expect that it'd be much difficult going back, thanks to Moi's advise to push really hard when it's uphill. 

Thanks also to all my pacers : Marven, Moi, Jeff, Donald and Gan for running with me.

I would also like to commend all of the teams who were cheering in the hydration stations. You guys did great, love the costumes too.

Glad I was able to manage to put a smile while running (not obvious that I'm really tired and so eager to cross the finish line to get my medal and rest) Special thanks to Mr. Photographer (Angelo Lagumbay) for this floating running photo of mine. You captured it well, nice timing! Kudos to you brother!

As for the race result and analysis, here it is! Still finished the race in sub 2. Yehey!

Quite good considering I walked most of the time especially when I was at the flyover. 

Still ranked 36th in my division. Hehe :)

I know I could have done it better, but there's always a next time. 

Time to learn, time to train... 

'til my next race! See you on the road runners! :)

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