Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adidas King of the Road 2012


Thank you ADIDAS Philippines and to my TRIADS Family for the FREE KOTR race kit.  

Early this May, I joined ANR (AdiNation of Runners) Ayala Chapter and blessed enough to reached the 75% attendance cut-off which gave me the opportunity to get a free race kit. 

I'm also excited for this race for SOOOOO many reasons :

✓ It'll be the culminating event of all our ANR sessions :)
✓ We'll be manning a hydration booth which is part of a friendly competition against all ANR teams. (excited to see what the team has prepared)
 It'll be my first time to wear a PINK singlet    
✓ I'll be running 16.8 k with almost all the TRIADS (can't wait, I'm sure it'll be fun!)
✓ I look forward to receiving my first 16.8k medal :)

See you on the road runners! More than a week to go! :)

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