Monday, March 22, 2010

Every day is a good day... with JESUS

I was at Alaminos, Pangasinan last weekend when i saw a simple note from a tricycle - it was written there "EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY... WITH JESUS". That simple sticker posted right in front of me reminded me of the Lord's goodness in every single day of my life. Indeed, there are trials, struggles and obstacles... but despite of all those things, I HAVE JESUS, who will never let me go and will stay true to me no matter what.

Currently, I'm in the state where i find myself thinking of many things... in a state of confusion where i need to find guidance. In a situation where i need comfort and refuge. And all i need to do is to LOOK BACK and bring myself to where i trully the loving arms of my dear Saviour - where every day is a good day, ever greater with HIM.

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