Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's my 8th Birthday!

March 25, 2002 – one of the important dates of my life cause this is the time when I accepted Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. I can still remember the clear vision of it at YMCA Manila during CLCI's anniversary. I was 4th year HS that time, newly attending BS and Sunday Service - young and still blinded.

My knowledge about Christ started when my uncle, who is a Pastor, decided to have a Bible study session in Bulacan. At first, I didn’t feel the need to attend – “I don’t need to learn and study the Bible”, “I am good, so I know I’ll be in heaven”, “I know I am saved, the Lord loves me” – those were the thoughts I have in mind. But later on, I found out that those weren’t enough to be able to have eternal life. What I need is RELATIONSHIP. It’s a RELATIONSHIP, it’s something personal and I don’t have that.

I continued attending Bible Study, joined my relatives in singing praises and worship songs that at first I found to be really weird. At first I thought it was such a shame lifting your hands and closing your eyes, and dancing and clapping for the Lord. But later on, I saw the purpose of it. When you know in your heart that you LOVE the Lord, it will just come out naturally. Worship will just be a lifestyle. It is something that you do out of love.

After a year, I was baptized. It was a brand new feeling - feeling that I haven’t felt before. I felt so alive – it was great. I continued searching for answers to a lot of questions and the Lord never failed to answer me. Through His Word – He showed me wondrous things I can’t ever imagine.

My spiritual journey did not end the time I know I am saved by faith and by the grace of God but rather it was just the beginning of my long walk with the Lord. It was like an athlete running to win a prize, and I was just at the starting line.

In that so called “race”, I’ve encountered a lot of obstacles. Trials and struggles are part of that journey; the question now is how will I end the race? I know I can’t handle those things alone. I can’t fully rely on my own strength, I need God. I need my BIG GOD to face my problems. I know I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. He will not give me problems which I cannot handle. All I need to do is allow Him to take over and be the author and perfecter of my faith.

I need to surrender everything and by surrender it also means SACRIFICE: giving up everything, losing everything for the sake of Christ. I need to deny myself, take up my cross and follow Him. It’s not gonna be an easy journey but it’s all worth the perseverance.

Now, I’m on my 8th year, I want to recommit myself to Him. I want to serve Him more and more. I want to be the child that He wants me to be. Still need to do a lot of things… I see myself more involved in mission and music team in few more days. Still praying. I’m so excited. I know the Lord is doing great and mighty things soon. I NEED TO PREPARE. :-)

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