Friday, March 26, 2010

Why choose to move on?

Many of us seem to get stuck in the past. Even though it is far behind us, we just cannot let it go. While we strain our necks looking back, the present slips us by. All the opportunities to make our present and future better are wasted.

Why are we so addicted to licking our old wounds? What satisfaction do we get from it? Does revisiting the pain makes us feel alive? Have we identified ourselves with our past pains?
Whatever our reason is in getting stuck in the past, we loose!

We are not creatures of the past. We were created to live in the present. Only in the present can we experience life. The future is only an imagination at the moment.

Even God is not the God of the past. Everything in God is present. Only in the present can we experience God’s love for us.

Whatever past hurts we are holding on to, we must let it go. We cannot let our life stand still, while time moves on. Time does not wait for anyone. The time we lost is lost forever.

The future will only be better if we make it there. To get stuck in the past is to miss a better future by nonappearance.

Hope is always at hand. We seldom see it because our heads are always twisted in looking back.

Everything is in front of you.

Look ahead.

Step forward.

Better things are waiting for you.

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