Thursday, September 15, 2011

What it feels like living in BIG SISTER's HOUSE

view from outside : newly painted gate
I've been living in this so called 'Big Sister House' for more than a year now.  My housemates and I coined those words to simply mimic the  life inside Big Brother's House - the famous reality TV show which became a hit in the Philippines.

It can mirror the lives we have in this house. For tons of reasons, I believe :

1. We have a real 'Big Sister' - not very visible but kinda strict like 'Kuya'
2. We have different personalities, we work in different fields and we have a lot of stories to share
3. Though we don't often see each other, we know we care for each other (that's why quality time simply bond us together)
4. .... and many other reasons...

first floor, we also have a terrace
at the second floor
How I discovered this place was such a blessing. It became my 2nd home in Makati. Quite near to my work place and very accessible to malls, supermarkets and other food chains.

But entering in this house is like a reality show  - in a way we have to audition. Big Sister needs to see if you are qualified and from there you need to give all the requirements. It's like applying for a second job.

Qualifications : Working girls only, 22 to 30 years old

Requirements :
     *1 pc 2x2 picture
     *photocopy of any 2 of the following (driver's license, company ID, postal ID, SSS, Passport, postal ID, etc)

And yeah, we're lucky we got in (not all who 'auditioned' were accepted...) and the journey begins. Similar to Big Brother's House, we also live in Big Sister's house full of "house rules" and when I say house rules, I mean a lot. Let me enumerate some :
dining room

1. BOYS are not allowed : Yeah, strictly for girls only, so if you dare come, make sure to wear your best wig and dress.

2. Some visitors are only allowed in the sala : Well, we need to ask permission first from Big Sister or at least give a heads up, and yeah they can't enter in our rooms.

3. Laundry is not allowed. We have like 8 comfort rooms in Big Sister House but we cannot do our laundry. So no choice but to have it washed in the laundry shop. Good thing Ate Angie, helper from my neighborhood can hand-wash my clothes as I don't really like sending my clothes to the laundry shop. I tried it for three years and it was not really helpful, especially for the branded ones.

4. Cooking is not allowed. Yes, I eat outside every single day and I'm craving for a good home-made food. I need to eat a healthy one - without preservatives and MSG please...I don't know the reason behind it, but I still thank God for the water dispenser. Haha, at least we have cold and hot water 24/7.

mini bar

5. Tons of house rules posted everywhere. Aside from those 'mutually'-agreed house rules, we also have those which are posted in some key areas in the house. 
a) Silence please
b) Always lock the door
c) Don't leave your trash here
...  and many others

Hello Sunny! beside my
housemate's room
I don't know why given all these rules I still choose to stay here... maybe I just love the atmosphere. I like the place being so homey. And yes, very safe as compared to other places I scouted before. And yes, I love my housemates. 

I'm just wondering for more than a year of stay here, it seems like I had the most number of neighbors (in the room beside mine). They are not evicted but I think the people who have stayed in that room had the tendency to move out earlier. If I am not mistaken, 5 people left already - for reasons I don't know.

As to how long I'll stay here? - that I don't know. So for now, I have to go up and down on our 15-step stairs everyday just to go to my room : And that I called an instant 'exercise'

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