Friday, September 16, 2011

Yey Yakimix!

I had a sumptuous lunch today! Thanks to my Non- Alco Family! *apir*

Asia Brewery Non Alco Team
Attendance :
1. Abe aka 'The Financier' lol
2. Jef aka  'Advance Happy 1 Year' Celebrant
3. Jay aka 'Birthday Boy'
4. Karlene aka 'Belated Happy 1st Year' Celebrant
5. Eric aka 'Welcome to ABI!'
6. Dan aka 'Welcome to ABI!'
7. Eli aka 'Birthday Girl'

And yes, our 2-hour lunch was held in no other than YAKIMIX! 
Yakimix Greenbelt

We went to Greenbelt around 11am and finished eating at nearly 2pm. 

It was a sort of celebration of many things - birthdays and anniversaries are some of those :)

And believe it or not, I ate a lot! With this body, yes I can eat even more! *evil laugh*

Round 1 : Hello SUSHI!
A lavishing sushi platter : 
* California Maki
* Tuna Flakes Warship
* Kappa Maki
* Tamaga Kenchi Maki
* Unagi Temaki
* Spicy Salmon Maki
* Spider Maki
*Salmon Sashimi

Round 2 : Mix and Match!
A mixture of everything : 
* Japanese Tempura
* Garlic Chicken
* Korean Chap Chae
* Kimchi
* Togue
* Spinach
* Seafood Tofu
* Shioga Yaki Pork

Round 3 : The Healthy Me!
* Barbecue Chicken Stick
* Lettuce Salad
* Fruit Salad
* Macaroni Salad
* Papaya

Round 4 : Dessert Time!

* Fruit Tart
* Blueberry Cheese Cake
* Macaroon's 
* Choco Mouse Cake

Round 5 : Ice Ice Ice cream!

* Chocolate Flavor
* Double Dutch Flavor
 with marshmallows, M&M's and Chocolate Drops

I had 5 rounds! I didn't even count those that we cooked on our table!

And yeah, I ate A LOT!

One funny thing that we experienced as well was the 'Happy Birthday' Song that was being played once every after 5 minutes in each table (too many September celebrants huh).

Thanks to J and Eli's birthdays that we became competitive vs the nearby tables... and the result? We got free 'birthday cakes' though the candle is transferable :p haha 
Happy Birthday J and Eli!

After eating for 2 hours and being completely FULL, still I was able to strike a pose on our way back to the office. Guess where all these food go? 

*I don't really know... I just hope my 90-lbs weight will be improved soon...

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