Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Favor of Sex

LUST : Are you for it or against it?

The message of this book is not that I'm against lust, but that I'm for God's plan for sexual desire. Yes, lust is bad.  But it's bad because what it perverts is so good.

Some people have mistaken notion that God is anti-sex.  But in fact,  He's outspokenly pro-sex!  He invented it.  What an incredible thought! Passionate sex was God's idea.  He isn't embarrassed by it.  Song of Songs is an entire book in the Bible dedicated to celebrating pure sex in marriage.

Part of the challenge Christians face in a lust-filled world is remembering that neither sex nor sexuality is our enemy.  Lust is our enemy and has hijacked sexuality.  We need to keep reminding ourselves that our goal is to rescue our sexuality from lust so we can experience it the way God intended.

*Non Even a Hint (Joshua Harris)

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