Thursday, October 20, 2011

Palawan : KaLui

Kalui is the most famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. It is a must visit place among tourists. Your tour in Palawan wouldn't be complete if you haven't visit this place.

Kalui Restaurant is made of native wooden house. Its floor is clean and well-polished, you wouldn't mind to walk barefoot because every footwear should be left before entering the restaurant. Upon entering the small "lobby," guests are requested to remove their shoes, socks and sandals; as everyone eats barefoot. Footwear are properly laid out at the lobby like in a Japanese teahouse, while others are placed in woven baskets. The floor of the entire restaurant is made up of bamboo slats that are regularly cleaned. There are various wooden dining tables and chairs in Kalui but among its unique features are the elevated porches with low tables and pillows for sitting instead of chairs.

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