Thursday, October 20, 2011

Palawan : Ugong Rock - Spelunking and Ziplining

One of the promising tourist attractions of Puerto Princesa in Palawan west of the Philippines is the Ugong Rock limestone formation tour. Ugong Rock is a limestone formation located in the scenic Barangay Tagabinet, a few kilometers away from the well-known Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or simply world-renowned Underground River. Ugong Rock can be accessed from the city of Puerto Princesa within two hours or less by van or any land vehicle because the way to the limestone formation is well-paved. The limestone formation is just a few hundred meters away from the main road to Sabang.

Ugong Rock is a 75-foot limestone formation in the midst of farmlands and karst forests or forests growing on limestone substrate in Barangay Tagabinet, a once sleepy community of indigenous peoples. The word “ugong” stands for the reverberating sound (similar to a bell) that stalactites produce inside the cavernous structures of Ugong Rock when hit or pounded with the knuckles or the palm.

Thanks to our 4 Lithuanian and 4 Ukrainian friends who patiently waited for us. Thanks to Berlin for the tour and 'ate' (i forgot her name) who took pictures and guided us along the way :-)

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Joshua Sterrett said...

This was fun..haha remember me getting stuck in the middle cause I was taking a video? It happens to me every time. I think the Lithuanians and Ukranians had a joke about that. That I needed to eat more right? haha